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I wouldn’t “TRADE” being a Mom for Anything!

Happy mothers Day to all you Mama’s out there- even to the women out there that don’t have their own yet-but love on someone elses babies-you are a mom-So Happy Mothers day to you too!!

Today was AWESOME. Ryan let me sleep in-cooked me breakfast and i got to be Madam Hag the whole day (until we took pictures in the afternoon) ha! I aint about to ruin anyones day by showing before pics!

Luke was so tired by the time we decided to take pictures, but he was such a doll! He smiled (although most of them were faked) and had fun while we were doing it. Everytime Ryan would take a picture he’d say “Let me see!” then after he looked he’d say “Lukey Pogi (handsome in filipino) haha! He aint conceited at all. IMG_5077

Ahh i love being this kids mom so much!!!! He’s so so funny!!! He got his dads looks and brains but he definitely got my crazy personality. I remember since I was younger, I would always pray that if God decided to give me an ugly child I begged Him to at least make him funny-i don’t know what i’d do if he was ugly and not funny. haha So him being absolutely adorable is a bonus cause I just wanted a funny child.

I’m thankful God let me be his mama. Raising him for Jesus is NOT easy-the devil is up and at it every morning to fight me-but God is bigger and stronger and He’s on my side-so we’re going to be OKAY! DSC-6281

Ryan gave me the cutest mothers day gift. Okay let me explain a little. Lately we both got into trading. I have absolutely LOVED doing it. It intrigues me..all our jokes revolve around words and codes used for trading. So for mothers day he made me a chart (you might not get unless you’ve tried trading) with the layout of the trading graph but with notes and codes to me 🙂 It was the CUTEST! Im always glad though mothers day comes before Fathers day cause then i get to see what he comes up with and TOP IT ha! No competition at all ever goes on in our home. None 🙂 IMG_5014



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