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Today I’m sharing a story from one of my best friends in the world. My sister. I have been begging Hannah to write her weight-loss story forever. If you know her she is extremely shy (the friendliest person ever) but super shy! So her writing this is a big step out of her comfort zone. Thanks Han!

I wanted her to share her story cause I know it will inspire someone else. I watched her work hard to lose the weight. It’s funny cause I honestly never thought of her as fat. She has always been such a sweet person that it never mattered to me. I remember her crying and being so hurt at times  by the names she got called and how people made fun of her weight. I always knew it bothered her. I watched though as she began to work hard to lose the weight. Her determination was amazing! I often envy how dedicated and committed she is to living a healthier lifestyle. She inspires me everyday!! Anyone that has ever met or come into contact her walks away loving her! I pray her story encourages and inspires someone out there that is or once felt the way she did. 

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I had the privilege of growing up in the Philippines! I’ve lived here since I was 3 years old. I am now 25 and married. There is no place I would rather live and serve the Lord. Amazing people, cheap fruits and veggies, lots of thrift stores (which I LOVE to go to), and so much more.

But if I’m being honest, if there was one negative thing I could point out, it would have to be how mean and insensitive some people can be sometimes. It’s sometimes sad how focused they are on outward appearance.

For instance:

You have pimples, they will stop you at church and say,

“ You look so haggard today, your pimples are so big”.

You have a big forehead,

“ Your forehead is so big, you look like a man.”

You have curly hair,

“ You would be so pretty if your hair was straight.”

Your dark,

“You’re so black, you would be prettier if you were white.”

The list goes on and on…

When I was growing up, people would CONSTANTLY call me names to my face. People would call me piglet, pig, and fat. Some people did not even say it to be mean. It is just so natural to call out peoples flaws. They would even compare me and my sister ALL the time. That she was the pretty one and I would be pretty if I was skinny like her. So at a young age I became so insecure of how I looked. Thanks to my mom though, she always told me I was beautiful just the way I was and that being beautiful on the inside is more important. 45379083_734274843617920_8374819982453768192_n45519653_1946681588714547_3637423256274731008_nI realized though back in 2015 that I needed to make a change not for others but for myself. So my New Years resolution was to lose 30 pounds. Not just to become “SKINNY”. But to become healthy too!

When I started it was so hard! But about 2 weeks into it I was so motivated and it became a hobby to workout and eat healthy. I did everything natural to lose the weight I lost. I got asked so many times what diet pills I was taking or what diet tea I was drinking. But I did it all naturally.

Below I’m sharing what I did

Started: Januray 2,2015

Goal Reached: March 31,2015

Total weight loss: 30 pounds

  1. – A boiled egg for breakfast
  2.  A cup of rice a day (better if brown) I GREW UP IN THE PHILIPPINES AND CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT RICE😂)                                                                          
  3. Three liters of lemon water a day (NO SODAS, TEAS, JUICE, COFFEE- (strictly WATER)
  4. 1 tablespoon of vinegar after every meals
  5. 45 minutes – 1 hour  of cardio a day
  6. An extra 30 minutes of walking IF I ate after 7 pm
  7. I cut out fast food as much as possibleI
  8. I also did Intermittent fasting almost 5 days a week

Remember though, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. You have to find out what works best for you.

Whatever way you decide to do- it doesn’t matter as long as you have a goal and are determined to meet it.

We we’re all created different. Our body shapes and sizes do not define who we are. But I do believe God gives us strength to become the best version of ourselves.45128308_169558337331952_1261629789748330496_n The best advice I could give is to study the Bible on ANYTHING you are struggling with and really ask God to help you overcome it. My obesity was a sin because food became a comfort for me when it should have been God.  What is it in your life that you are running to instead of God? Whatever it is GOD can and will help you through it.

For me, losing the weight not only helped me with different health issues. But it also helped me feel better about myself. I felt like I could do so much more if I was at a healthy weight.

I still have to work at it and sometimes slack off.45467611_529082290898678_1126348597781069824_n.jpg


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  1. Thank you for sharing your story, Hannah! You are an inspiration! I can tell you that the ‘blunt honesty’ is not just common in the Philippines but around the globe! 😉😏


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