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When I found out I was pregnant I began to wonder so many things. Like “WHO IS HE GOING TO BE LIKE?”  In our relationship I’m the outgoing one. I like to be crazy, meet new people, smile at everyone and talk, talk, talk. Ryan is super friendly but he’s alot more normal than me:) I often get told “you are crazy, Abie!” I am starting to think that side of me was definitely passed down to Luke. He is seriously so outgoing. 

Let me just clarify that he’s also veryyy smart, and that he definitely got that from Ryan plus some of his cute features.  Ha!

He also loves to smile at people. It’s my most favorite thing about him. He does this thing where if someone says “Hi Luke” he cracks this side smile that is the cutest. I’m already crying thinking of him cracking that smile to some girl one day!! ahhhh!!! He really is such a happy baby though. Side note though: he has some pretty horns out moments too. DSC_0260DSC_0261.JPGHe’s already crawling…everywhere. We have tile on our house floor so he’s accidentally banged his head on that a couple times. Nothing major though. He thinks he’s a big boy now. He won’t even sit in his little tub now to take a bath he has to sit on the floor when we bathe him. Bath time by the way is sooo much easier now. Bathing a baby was hard!!!! He likes to grab on to things too and pull himself up to stand. He then turns around and looks at me or Ryan to make sure we noticed what he just accomplished. He is somewhat of a little showoff right now too. If he does something that one of us laughs at he will do it over and over again so we have to laugh each time he does it.

He already knows too when he’s gotta go to bed or lay down for a nap. He fights those like he’s dying. It’s definitely one of those areas we’ve both have had to beg God for wisdom in. It’s honestly would be so much easier to just want to give in, but we can’t. Sometimes though if he’s really tired but fighting it, we’ll take him down to our church gym and let him tire himself out running all over in his walker. That works like magic!DSC_0269.JPGThis afternoon we went over to my moms and while we were waiting i asked Ryan to take a pic of me and Luke. So we went behind the yard gate to pose. Of course Luke grabbed on to the fence and started to hold on. So I let go of him (don’t worry I was near by) and he bravely just stood there holding on to the fence while Ryan took his picture. Ha! I always thought I’d be kind of an overprotective Mom but it’s actually been easier than I thought. I like to let him try new things. He does fall down sometimes and he does bump his head, and he does cry sometimes….but he is alive and happy so I’m good with that. I love my crazy, brave little boy!!IMG_7038


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