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Ryan and I were talking the other day how we’d be content if Luke was the only child God ever decided to give us. It’s true!!! I mean obviously if we have other’ll be different in a good way!:) i had a dream the other night that we were having another kid and I woke up crying cause I kept thinking “Nooo! I still have so much I want to do just us 3!”haha Im always like “Whatttt?!??” when Luke doesn’t smile in a picture because he legit smiles all the time. 😀😎 It always makes me so happy cause whenever we go out he always smiles at everyone. As long as they don’t take him from his Mama. He is definitely a Mamas boy right now-I am not complaining one bit. I LOVE that he wants me. We spend all day together so if he notices me missing it’s a scary time😂 Me and Ryan tease each other who he likes bests…which of course its ME!!😛 His personality is coming in so strong too. He is definitely a strong willed child. I used to think that was a bad thing but I read how actually it’s a good thing-it’s something, if trained right-can be used for God in a great way.

I always tell Ryan how I pray that he grows up to be so bold for Jesus. I think I might bawl the first time he hands someone a tract😭Its funny though I have people asking me all the time, “Is he going to be a Pastor?” Or “Is he going to be a missionary?” And I always tell them “I want him to be whatever God wants him to be.” If he’s a teacher I want him to win his school for Jesus- if he’s a doctor I want him to win the hospital for Jesus💙 Really though, i’ll just be so thankful if he grows up to love Jesus with all of his heart.

It is scary sometimes to think of the world our children have to grow up. Its so different from the way my parents and older people described it. Every morning I pray that the Lord will give us wisdom to raise this child for Him. Cause boy do we need it!!!

He’s already so smart. If we tell him “NO” he gets real red in the face and stiffens up. I want to laugh cause it’s honestly unreal to watch…but I have to keep a straight face and stand my ground. Ryan has had to spank him a couple times in the past week-but im always amazed because he gets so sad if Ryan spanks him but afterwards he is legit best buds with him. He doesn’t want me-he wants to hang out with Ryan. It’s like he likes that Ryan disciplines him…i dont know.Ryans sister and her husband are in town for a few days. They mission work over in Cambodia. They took Luke to get a toy and play in the ball pit at the mall. I was nervous he’d cry but he actually chilled out and had fun!!💙The other day on Ryans Bible class we saw this goat. I mean I felt a little intimidated that his hair looked bettterr than mine😩I love Saturdays. Luke and I have been going with Ryan on his class. Luke always loves going cause all the little kids call out his name “Baby Luke!” He usually takes a power nap right on our 2nd class! Also It’s been so hot lately so I cut his sleeves off his onsie to give him a little extra air flow✌🏻he also rode on a jeep for the first time the other day😍

We took him to the ball pit at the mall the other day and he was in Heaven. I tried to sit him on my lap but he would dive into the balls…sink to the bottom then his little head would just float on too🙈 ohh and this one kid almost jumped on him. I about broke that kids legs…okay not really…I could’ve though!😀Honestly I don’t think I could be any happier. Life with these two is the best! It’s fun being this kids Mom. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!!


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