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Every year we celebrate Thanksgiving together as a family and every year my Mom prepares the most amazing food. This year though us girls decided to surprise my parents and prepare Thanksgiving for them!! Every year my mom goes all out so we thought it would be fun this year to go all out and let her not worry about it.

We literally decided all of this the day BEFORE Thanksgiving. We went to the grocery that afternoon and prepared a few things the night before. It was so fun but too be honest I was nervous. I’d never done any of that WITHOUT my mom.

Anyway we kind of tricked Mom that we would just have a lunch at Ruth’s house nothing big. We talked how this year we would just skip a Thanksgiving meal. So when her and my Dad walked in this afternoon for lunch they were definitely SURPRISED. Ruthie cooked most of the food which was AMAZING. We had the best time planning and decorating. This will definitely be a Thanksgiving I won’t forget!

Today Im just so thankful for my family and Gods goodness. He is so so good.


+ check out Ruthies AMAZING calligraphy skills below! These two went swimming later in the afternoon. They’re so fun to watch together.

I thank God everyday that they get to grow up together.


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