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DIY Homemade Lemon Cleaner

I’ve seen this on PINTEREST a thousand times…and finally tried it. I lovee the smell of lemon in the house. My mom gave me some of her lemongrass essential oil awhile back and i just mixed it into an old spray bottle with some water and would spray the floors and wipe them with it. It smells so good!!

Anyway, I tried this 3 different ways. First with white vinegar, water and the lemon peels. Second with white vinegar, lemongrass and lavendar essential oils + water and the lemon peels. Third I just mixed water with the lemon peel. I then left them in a dark place for 2 weeks then drained them after. IMG_4228My favorite was the one with white vinegar mixed with essential oils. The White Vinegar with just water and the lemon peels was my least favorite. The white vinegar was too strong of a smell for me.

I wanted to try them first to see if Ryan noticed. Cause I mean we’ve all tried those pinterest diy’s before that are a total fail!! Well, he walked in the house the other day and said “Wow, is that lemon? It smells so good!”

I’ve been using it to wipe down my counters, tables, furniture, floors and even my glass mirrors 🙂


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