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DIY Kids Oven

Lately Luke has been into “cooking” he loves it. He’ll always be like “mom, lukey cook?” So then I’ll be like “Okay! Can I order a spaghetti?” but for some reason he always says spaghetti isn’t available. Ha! My sister tried to order from him last night while he was playing with others toys and he told her “No! I’m closed”. I have no idea where he got that. But it’s so funny!!

I honestly have no idea how long he’ll be in this “cooking” phase..but Ryan and I are both trying to make the best of it. I guarantee if he grows up and likes to cook he’s gunna make some girl reallll happy one day!!

I always remember growing up how I literally went through sooo many different phases-one day i wanted to learn the guitar..the next day I wanted to learn to sew. Never stuck with any of them haha. But i remember how every stage I went through my mom embraced each one and cheered me on…knowing there was a HUGE chance I wouldn’t stay in that phase long. I loved that about her. So I try to do the same with Luke. Whatever stage he’s going through I want to be right there with him, cheering him on.

Ryan and I (mostly Ryan of course) took one of our old bed side desks and turned it into a little oven for him. HE LOVED IT!! I love to see him excited and passionate about stuff. It’s a beautiful thing to watch him turn into his own person. He’s the sweetest kid.

Anyway, it was fun doing this project with Ryan. He’s so good at what he does. I want to learn to build (going through one of those phases hahaha) so I’ve been trying to watch him. We’ll see where it goes!IMG_3947DSC_6347DSC_6354DSC_6355IMG_5313IMG_5315IMG_5323IMG_5344IMG_5348IMG_5335


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