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I feel like it has been forever since I’ve sat down and actually blogged. I’ve missed it! I’ve gotten side-tracked a little with things so i’ve lost focus with my space here. So I thought i’d sit down and write today:) Life has been really great! I feel so lucky to be where I am right now. I love being a wife and mom. I remember thinking years ago how I cant wait to be married and have a kid and how slow time felt like it was going and now it just wont slow down. I feel like tomorrow I’m gunna wake up and Lukes going to be a teenager!

Ryan and I are already talking about having more kids. I mean i want 12 plus we still both plan on adopting one day! Then after we get excited we instantly start talking how we cant imagine having another one in the family it’s just sooo much fun with Luke. We would be 100% happy if it was just him for the rest of our lives💙but of course i know it will change once another one comes!

Motherhood can be so tricky. One day it can be absolutely perfect the next day i’m wanting to lock myself in a room. He’s such a smart kid which makes it even harder cause I was expecting to have a couple years of manipulating him but he’s the one already trying to manipulate me haha!! He’s so brave too and wants to try EVERYTHING which makes me happy and scared to death all at the same time. Although i love his excitement and braveness im nervous to see the future outcomes because of it🙈I’m foreseeing alot of doctor visits for broken bones!

Some of my favorite times are when Ryan and I plan something random to go do with Luke on the spot! Unplanned plans are the best!! We decided to take Luke to play at the play kids zone at the mall. To say he had the best time would be an understatement. He had the saddest look on his face when we got ready to leave. Sometimes its so nice to just get away and go somewhere even if its for 2-3 hours. Ryan and I both laughed cause there were parents everywhere at the play place and they were making their kids go all over the place and having them pose so they could take pics or videos. It made me kinda sad cause how many times have i done that with Luke used a moment that was about HIM and HIM having fun and I ruined it cause I had to get the perfect pic or capture the moment. I had stopped enjoying taking pictures of him. I used to love taking pics-lately tho i’ve been trying to just capture him as he is. And once i do i try and put my phone away and enjoy the rest of the moment. It can be so hard because i want to capture everything.😭 I asked Ryan to point out to me when he notices i’m spending too much time on my phone! 

Also my sister adopted another dog-and Luke loves—-to irritate him! ha! I constantly get told I should get a puppy-but I literally could not imagine having a puppy at the same time right now with Luke.

Anyway, I recently shared on our family Facebook pageThe Flip Family – about a girl named Angel. She’s 11 years old. She attends my brother in laws Bible class in the barrios every Saturday. My sister and her husband visited her and her single mother in their home. Angel has a skin disease. Honestly I don’t even know what to call it yet. She didn’t start walking till she was 7 years old because her bones weren’t developing properly. Three doctors have told her that her skin problem is from development issues. I reached out to see if there was a nurse or a doctor out there reading it…that you could help us figure out what is wrong and WHAT we can do to get her the help she needs. My brother in law took her through the plan of Salvation a couple weeks ago and she accepted Jesus. One day she will never have this skin problem again.

So many peoples shared it + one mother who has a daughter with the same condition as Angel reached out to other moms on her Facebook and they were able to raise money and have sent two boxes here to the Philippines to help Angel. So the other day I went to the mall and got a few things for angel using the money the mother had sent and took them to Angel. It was the first time I was meeting her. She was so so sweet. It broke my heart to see her in that condition but she was so happy and positive. I thought how little my problems actually were. We bought her some dresses and she tried them on. She got the biggest smile on her face. Her mother told us every Friday she tells her mom to wash her nice clothes so she can look nice for Bible class💙She gets up early bathes and sets up and helps calls the kids before my brother in law shows up. She’s never been to school because her mother is afraid of her getting bullied. So we are planning on getting her some school supplies and books. They also have been sleeping on a wood bed frame with no pillows. So we plan to buy them a foam bed plus some little needs.

It was perfect timing that we went the other day because the mother said how they would be demolishing her house. So we gave her some money to help out with any supplies they would need to transfer. She was so shocked and touched that there were other mothers out there with children with the same skin problems that cared. We eventually plan to help build a nice bath area for her to bathe. The area where she bathes (below in the picture with the 3 white buckets) I was just so blessed to meet this little girl and see what she was going through and how she managed to still be happy. It made me come home and be verrrry thankful. It’s soo important for us-especially as mothers to get out and see other peoples needs. I notice when I spend so much time in my home I become self centred and start feeling sorry for myself…but man seeing that little girl and mother really woke me up to how blessed I am. Our DVBS is coming up in 2 weeks. Its one of my favorite activities our church does. So many kids come and get saved! I love seeing our people get involved and bring in kids. So many of them sacrifice to be able to buy prizes, decorate their rooms and meet different needs the kids have. Some of them are so poor but they give and give and give. Please pray God will work that week. Satan always fights the hardest when we work with kids.

Well i’m kind out of words now so I’ll write again soon😀


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