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I shopped for MYSELF

I went to the thrift store the other day and for the first time in a longggg time-I shopped for MYSELF😎 I have a boutique so usually when I go I’m focused on getting stuff for the boutique. So it was so fun to shop for myself. I found this dress for $1-and a whole bunch of other stuff😱 It’s super comfy! I love the dress buttt im thinking i might want to repair it a little. I don’t know…we’ll see.  Anyway, i find myself everyday asking myself “HOW IS HE ALREADY THIS BIG?” I mean seriously I just wish time would slowww down just a little. Ryan and I always laugh cause he always fights his nap time or anytime he has to go to bed-but then once we finally get him in bed…we end up looking at pics and videos on our phone of him and instantly want him to wake up! Anyone else like that?! I just love him soooo much!!! I really don’t know what life was like before Luke. He definitely makes me and Ryans life soo much fun! Also Ive started vlogging-I’ll post a link below:)) Hope you’ll follow along! Lets just hope i stick with it!

Here’s just a bunch of random pics!😀 Have a great week everyone!!!


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