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It’s been awhile since I blogged…so thought I’d share some pictures from the past few months. Luke is growing so fast. Everyone asks me alllll the time when I’m having another one…haha I swore before we got married that I wanted 12…but man i still haven’t gotten over the pain of giving birth. ha! I think we’re okay with one for now.

This has definitely been a crazy year so far. So much insanity going on. I won’t ruin yawlls day by going into detail of what I think about all of it. Most of yawl know anyway 🙂 It has been crazy to see people so obsessed with the virus when there are soooo many people suffering from other things other than the virus. In the last two months we’ve worked with 3 different families that lost a child. I told Ryan, we will willingly work with as many people that need comforting…I’d rather be the one comforting than to be the one needing to be comforted because of losing a loved one.

One family lost their 21 year old son-he had been to church before and been saved…but because of his death his parents and many of his relatives have been saved. We do a Bible study with their family every week. Then this past week the mother of that boy contacted us to go visit a family friend at the funeral home who had just lost their 5 year old daughter to a brain tumor. So Ryan, Luke and me..and a some of our members were able to do a service every night for them. They both got saved. Their family and friends lived so far, so every night it was just them two and one friend except the last night. Only 16 people were there for the burial. They told Ryan that because of the Word of God and being saved, there was a peace they didn’t have before. Seriously what would we do without the HOPE of Heaven???

Then another family was there one night we were having a service at the funeral home. They had just lost their 3 month old baby that afternoon. The dad kept apologizing to Ryan, he was so drunk cause he said the pain was too much. We are going to try and do a service with them soon. There’s just so much sadness around.  I have a hard time listening to people complain about how hard they have it or how oppressed they are when they have no idea how easy their life is compared to others.

A couple weeks ago my dad said something that really struck me…He said “The problem with most Christians is they are spending too much time with other Christians…and not enough time with lost people (reaching them).” Wow. I needed that!! I really really needed that. I realized I wasn’t doing much at all to reach lost people. Sometimes spending too much time with other Christians causes us to become too comfortable or obsessed with our own life…exactly what I had become. I felt down and depressed like…but since being able to do Bible studies and go visiting more and put my life into LOST PEOPLE…there is a joy and a turning in my heart that no one can take from me. The best part is watching Luke get excited. He always helps us pass out song books at our Bible studies and passes out candy too the kids. He sings Bible songs and prays now. I love getting to take him with us. I want him to be so bold for Jesus.

I know the virus is real…people have died from it…but lets not forget people are dying of other things everyday as well…and they needs US to bring them hope…not stay cooped up in our own worlds. Don’t let Satan cause you to be so fearful that you become so consumed with yourself. This world is going to BURN one day…People are dying all around us…HELL is real but Heaven is real too and Salvation is FREE…it’s our/their ONLY HOPE. Putting my life into people has been the ONE thing that has brought me Ryan and i know Luke…so much JOY and PEACE during this time. 

I have so much on my heart and mind..but can’t really get them out so I guess this is all I’ll write for now.


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