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Becoming More Independent

It was alot easier to take his picture when he was smaller. Now he can run off or shake his head no if he doesnt want to take one. He looked so cute in his outfit last night and I really wanted a picture so Ryan had to google cats (HE LOVES CATS) just to keep him in one spot while I snapped some pictures of him. (Video of him below)

He’s growing up so fast. Remember how I mentioned before he wont go to anyone but me? Now he has friends and people he recognizes so he sometimes wont come back to me ha! I feel like locking him in the house all day everyday so he’ll just want to hang with or want me! I thought i’d be so ready for it. He even takes off on his own to go to nursery (still have to stay with him once we get there) but he’s becoming more independent. I think sometimes it scares me to think of the day he’ll no longer need me in the ways and as much as he needs me now. But it makes me happy still because anytime someone comes near him or tries to talk to him he says “Mama” and points to me!.


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