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He loves to grab the brooms whenever we’re cleaning. Its bigger than him of course 🤗The Bible college kids have a garden on the property. My Dad loves it cause before we came to the Philippines he had his own little garden and he spent alot of time in it…so he’s down there everyday. Luke and I walked down there yesterday he was having the best time. He is so curious so I have to keep my eye on him 24/7!! His uncle Ron dipped him in the water bucket. It was filthy but he was so happy. He loves water so much. I always have to keep extra clothes with me at all times cause if were out anywhere and there is water we let him play in it.As soon as this kid can play I am 100% sure he’s gunna be down at the gym everyday! We cant go to the mall with out stopping by the basketball shooting game. We go to look at toys and the first thing he runs to is the balls. He loves to play with the scoreboard buttons too! Our VBS is next week so alot of the parents were at the church decorating last night so he got to play with a bunch of the church kids. I want time to slow down so bad yet my heart is so happy watching him grow, make friends, discover things. Everyday is definitely not boring with Luke.


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