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My baby boy is ONE! It feels so unreal. I honestly couldn’t even write about it till now because I have a few words but really i’m just in awe of how fast time went by. We celebrated his birthday with a SAFARI theme. It was an awesome birthday. We had a few close friends and family over and Luke just walked around and did his own thing the whole time. It was pretty chill. It was funny cause he didn’t even want his birthday cake or cupcakes. Maybe he’s taking the whole plant based eating seriously ha! jk..who knows? 

Literally since turning one he’s changed so much. He’s discovered so many things. He makes us laugh all the time. Really can’t wait for him to start talking. He does this thing where anytime he does something and I laugh he’ll do it and then try and imitate the way I was laughing. He’s such a good kid. Really. I’m just so proud of him. He just makes my heart melt. There are no words to even come close to expressing how thankful i am when I go to God in prayer for him. Ryan and I feel very blessed.

Anyway, I hope to blog more soon. Things have just felt all over the place these last few weeks but I hope to post more soon! Here’s some pictures and videos from the past few weeks:) 


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