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Mama’s Boy

I bawled my eyes out before church last night. I started thinking about my baby boy turning 1 in just a few weeks. I walked into the bathroom to make sure my makeup wasn’t smeared. When I looked in the mirror. I started laughing at myself- I started thinking “WHO ARE YOU?”

Before I had Luke I wouldn’t cry for anything unless it was absolutely worth crying for-and even then sometimes I wouldn’t cry. Its nothing to brag about – its actually something Im glad I’ve moved passed. I cry about alot now. Ryan is still in shock sometimes when he looks over and Im crying for some random reason.

I have been really having a hard time lately thinking about him turning one. Ryan and I both have poured our hearts into him this year yet we both talk how fast time went by and how we wish we could have that time back to do more with him.

I get teased alot here cause Luke wants to be with me all the time – I cant even leave him in nursery cause he gets so hurt (literally) when I leave him. So he gets teased that he’s a ”mama’s boy” and so on. I used to take offence honestly until I realized IT’S not a bad thing!!!! I absolutely loveee that my baby boy wants to be with me all the time. We do everything together!!! I take him with me everywhere. Too be honest, Id be worried if he didnt want to be with me…Ha! Ryan and I always laugh cause I tell him “maybe when he goes to college they’ll call me to come get him and bring him home cause he can’t live without me” baha!!! I know Im pushing my luck but pshhh! A mom can dream right?!?

We are having so much fun watching him grow up and my heart is so full. I love him so so much. He has the funniest personality and he does the best fake cries! Its so funny! I cant wait for him to talk cause Im gunna be laughing all the time I already know it. Sometimes he’ll do something and I laugh and he is just so happy that I think whatever he did was funny! So he does it about 10 more times 💙

My MAJOR dilemma right now though…is figuring out what theme to do for his birthday! Haha ahhhh why is life so hard?! He doesn’t just like ONE specific thing so its hard. I want it to be something HE will absolutely enjoy. I want to blow his baby mind! Ekkkk!! I will figure this out!

I know I can never go back to the days that have passed but I know when I think back on them I will absolutely SMILE!!!


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