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I do not take for granted that God gave us a child

If we had to choose which year has been the all know we’d choose 2018. That’s when God chose to give us Luke. Ryan and I can’t even remember life before Luke haha! The other day Ryan had to go to a PNP Bible Study and he said the whole time he kept thinking about Luke. That’s how it is for us. I sometimes think “I just need a few hours without Luke to get stuff done, then when he’s not around I’m thinking WHAT IN THE WORLD DO I DO?” I do not take for granted that God gave us a child. I know there are so many women out there who haven’t had a child yet but are so so longing for one. I have to admit at times I feel guilty that I have a child and they don’t. My heart aches for them. I have people close to me that do not have children yet and I see and hear the hurt in their voices when they talk about children or the look on their faces when others talk about being pregnant or having a child.

I also see how insensitive people can be towards them by asking on a regular basis, “You do not have children yet?” or “You need to go get checked up something could be WRONG WITH YOU.” Throwing that beautiful perfect woman into a state of insecurity and hurt that sometimes will never be gotten over. I honestly do not know what to say to women who are still waiting for a child, but I do say a pray for them each time I’m around them because when I have no words to say or comfort to give…I now my Heavenly Father can reach down comfort and whisper into their hearts the most beautiful words.

I do not know why I added all of that, other than I felt the Lord leading me to type it.

Anyway here are a few pictures we took a few weeks back:)

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!


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