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Before Luke was born I did alot of praying, reading and seeking counsel. I wanted to know about natural health in raising my child. I did not want to raise him on medicine, and doctors visits. There were so many things I asked God to give us wisdom about when it came to Luke. I remember times sitting on our couch crying begging HIM to show us. I didnt want to make any decision without HIM.

One of those areas was that we weren’t going to have our son vaccinated. This is not a post about vaccines by the way!! Because I 100% believe each parent should do what THEY believe in their hearts is best for their family and child.

I’ve never been vocal on social media or to others except my family about not having him vaccinated. Because it was OUR decision. When people ask though I tell them. Im not ashamed to tell them either. When I do though its usually followed up with strange looks and questions of “WHY NOT? thats so dangerous.” And to be honest thats OKAY.  People have a right to their opinion just like I  have a right to my decisions. That was a decision we felt like God wanted for our son. 

My point is…sometimes you will make decisions for your child that aren’t POPULAR…thats okay. Whatever you do though when it comes to your health especially the health of your child…do it because you the parent know and believe that that is what is best for your child + do your research that always goes a long way😀 and of course ASK God for wisdom!!! Otherwise when you are critized or questioned for your decisions you will easily be offended or discouraged. NO ONE BUT YOU…THEIR MOTHER (parent)…(with Gods help of course) knows what is best for YOUR child!! Don’t let ANYONE ever make you feel intimidated or guilty for the health decisions you make for your child!!! 

I know this is not going to be a popular post. Which is totally okay by me. I do know though that there is at least ONE parent out there that might read this and be encouraged to not let other mothers or people bully her about the decisions she makes for her family. Yes I know I am NOT a doctor BUT I am a mother that is determined to do everything I can to create a healthier life for my family especially our child! Even if it means having to read and read and read (which I hate by the way) ha! 


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