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Singles Outing: Eden Nature Park

Last week we had our first Singles church outing to Eden Nature Park. It’s about 3 hours from us. We took two buses full of singles and the rest of us followed along in vehicles. It was so fun. If you are ever in the Philippines you NEED to visit Eden Park. I remember going there as a kid, but it is so different now.

It was a blessing cause the lady that works there is a Christian and helped us so much with making sure our group literally had the best time. I love seeing our people have a good time. 6060F5BB-F0D6-44B4-A1F6-3CD23166C77B6B5B687B-74D2-4EAE-9562-7F820DA08344IMG_5648IMG_8728IMG_8727IMG_8729IMG_8881IMG_8517IMG_8508IMG_5551IMG_5566IMG_5571IMG_5665IMG_8903IMG_8919IMG_8918IMG_8914IMG_8911IMG_8882IMG_8842IMG_8853It was so fun too watching Luke have fun. He got to ride a horse with his Dad for the first time:) It was cool cause it was Ryans first time to ride a horse too, so they experienced it together.
IMG_8803IMG_8811IMG_8806IMG_8813IMG_8818IMG_8819IMG_8796 2IMG_8829IMG_5690IMG_8866 2IMG_8865IMG_8905IMG_8899IMG_8832IMG_8760IMG_8739 2IMG_8742 2IMG_8748 2IMG_8777IMG_8779IMG_8775IMG_8773IMG_8774IMG_8771IMG_8756IMG_8696IMG_8700IMG_8691IMG_8647IMG_5610IMG_5612IMG_5608IMG_5604IMG_8534IMG_8531IMG_8538IMG_8544IMG_8549IMG_8553IMG_8586IMG_8602IMG_8603IMG_8605IMG_8634IMG_8631IMG_8557IMG_8637IMG_8888IMG_8878 2IMG_8805 2IMG_8767IMG_8715IMG_8524IMG_5645123


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