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I can’t not stop laughing at Lukes face in this picture. haha We had to hand him an ice pop to hold just to get this picture!

Recently our church was able to purchase another property. It’s right next to the two that we purchased a couple years ago. The funny thing is the owner of all of the properties that the church now owns, at one time said they would NEVER sell to us. Now the church owns all of their land. ha God really does have a sense of humor!

The property has a house on it that at one point was SO BEAUTIFUL. I remember a couple years ago going inside of the property to see the house. It had the most beautiful pink carpet. The wood work was amazing. The best part was the porch! The man who owned the house had it built for his wife. They moved out though so the house is really run down now and will have to be demolished. They had left it alone for so long, that thieves had broken in and stolen stuff and ransacked the place. It was kind of sad walking through it again and seeing it like this. IMG_7496IMG_7343IMG_7451IMG_7444IMG_7449IMG_7455When we first moved here people often advised my Dad to start a church somewhere in the city. God didn’t want us in the center of the city. He wanted to build His church down a dirt back road, dead end area. You’d have to have seen our area back when we first arrived to know that ONLY GOD could have done something with what is now. The crazy part is how he has provided all the land He’s given us all within our area.

My Dad always says, “If we will get the people, GOD will give us the place.” And that’s exactly what God has done. It’s always such a blessing to see our members give and give even some of them that have practically NOTHING towards the work of the Lord. I always get chocked up thinking how this land that once sat empty and useless will soon be used to bring more people to Christ. IMG_7600IMG_7344IMG_7493IMG_7488IMG_7457IMG_7485



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