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Hey! So, I recently had my old blog deactivated. 😦 So sad, but happy at the same time. Sad because I lost alot of writing that I had done. Happy though because I had in a way wanted to start over with my blog. I didn’t like the way it was going + there was so much I had installed and applied for that I really had NO idea what was going on.  I needed a fresh start where I knew somewhat of what I was doing. So I started this. I have a different url but the same name.IMG_6699

If you’re new here and don’t know me from my old blog, Hi! I’m Abie. I’m 28 years old…I’m a first time mom. I grew up on the mission field (the Philippines). I married a boy I grew up with here (Ryan) and we are still helping my parents in our ministry. I love it here. I love serving the Lord with my family!

Like I said I’m a first time mom to our son, Luke Bryan. I still sometimes cannot believe he’s ours!!! It’s a whole new world for me. It’s scary but so interesting and exciting at the same time. I love being a mom. I’ll just give you a heads up too…90% of what I blog/post about is our son. I am constantly having to empty my phone because I take so many videos and pictures of him. He’s only 7 months right now so I have a few years left to take as many pictures and post as much as I want about him before he comes to me begging me to stop!

img_6155Anyway, I cannot believe my baby boy is almost 8 months. If you follow me on Instagram, I say that every month, but seriously it feels so unreal. I wanna say I want time to stop, but honestly I LOVE watching him grow. His personality changes everyday! He’s super smart and so funny..and he can’t even talk yet. I can only imagine how much funnier he’s going to be once he can talk. He is also so good at faking. He does this thing where he’ll cough then if he sees you laugh or smile he’ll fake cough then leave his tongue hanging out and smile while doing it haha! Earlier we laid down for a nap…after awhile he woke up before us. He stands up in his crib now so he stood there in his crib and started hollering at us, “Nana” (that’s his word for everything)…well we kind of pretended like we were still sleeping so he leaned one arm over the crib rail and started to do a fake cough 😂😂 he would do it then look to see if it woke us up. After several attempts of not getting a response he banged his hand on the crib and said “nana, nana” and just sat down and played in his crib. Im definitely in for it with this kid.

dsc_9800img_6025dsc_00621He also copies everything. (kinda scary!) His thing right now is clapping his hands. He saw one of the kids in the nursery doing it and the next day I saw him doing it at home. Ever since then he claps at everyone. It’s the cutest thing. My favorite thing about him is how he smiles at everyone. I remember my Mom telling me before that when we were little one thing she wanted was for us kids to be a blessing to others. That’s how I feel with Luke. I want him to be a blessing to others. I want him to make people smile and I want people to be blessed after being around him. It’s the cutest thing to when he sees kids. It’s like he knows he’s around his ‘people’.img_6698img_6700img_6702I also love watching him and Ryan together. He gets so excited when he sees his Dad. One thing I loved about Ryan when we were dating is how much he loved kids, I knew right then that one day he was going to be a great Dad. 🙂img_6277It’s also fun to watch him start to recognize people. It’s the funniest thing when he sees my sister or Mom. He literally gets CRAZY happy! He starts putting his hands out to go to them. He calls my sister, “Nana”. She was sneaky and started teaching him that early on, so “MOM” or “DAD” will not be his first words ha! He literally says “Nana” all the time.img_6196Today was Ryans birthday. Luke woke up excited, especially seeing all the balloons. I think he thought it was his birthday. ha! I cannot wait for his birthday!! I’m already planning it out in my head. I feel so blessed to have these two in my life.img_6597dsc_0174Well that’s all for NOW. I have so much more I want to share. I’ll save it for another post though 🙂  THANK YOU for stopping by! I hope you’ll follow along!


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