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It’s been awhile since I blogged…so thought I’d share some pictures from the past few months. Luke is growing so fast. Everyone asks me alllll the time when I’m having another one…haha I swore before we got married that I wanted 12…but man i still haven’t gotten over the pain of giving birth. ha! I think we’re okay with one for now.Continue reading “Their ONLY HOPE….”


I wouldn’t “TRADE” being a Mom for Anything!

Happy mothers Day to all you Mama’s out there- even to the women out there that don’t have their own yet-but love on someone elses babies-you are a mom-So Happy Mothers day to you too!!Continue reading “I wouldn’t “TRADE” being a Mom for Anything!”

DIY Homemade Lemon Cleaner

I’ve seen this on PINTEREST a thousand times…and finally tried it. I lovee the smell of lemon in the house. My mom gave me some of her lemongrass essential oil awhile back and i just mixed it into an old spray bottle with some water and would spray the floors and wipe them with it. It smells so good!!Continue reading “DIY Homemade Lemon Cleaner”


I can’t believe my little man is already 2. I know it’s so cliche to say-but man, time goes by so fast! It’s been tough having his baby pictures pop up on my memories on Facebook. It’s even hard for me to listen to songs I used to play for him as a baby-they bring back so many memories. I sometimes just sit here and watch him play trying to soak it all in cause that just like that, it’ll be gone. Continue reading “MOTHERHOOD IS HARD”

My Story For His Glory: Part 2 (Amber Canavan)

I could almost feel their judgemental thoughts… she wasn’t really our baby, so why was is this so hard for me. I could not stop thinking of Ellyanna. Continue reading “My Story For His Glory: Part 2 (Amber Canavan)”

Becoming More Independent

It was alot easier to take his picture when he was smaller. Now he can run off or shake his head no if he doesnt want to take one. He looked so cute in his outfit last night and I really wanted a picture so Ryan had to google cats (HE LOVES CATS) just to keep him in one spot while I snapped some pictures of him. (Video of him below) Continue reading “Becoming More Independent”